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Beena Sharma’s support is an incredible asset to any business. She is direct, insightful, focused, motivating and selfless. Her connections are invaluable, as are her expertise. She’s particularly adept at identifying actions to drive business growth and helping business decision-makers move forward rapidly, effectively and decisively.

Gareth Claase

Director, Gecko Glazing

Beena has been instrumental to my personal and business growth after she started mentoring me in October 2020 off her own back. When I first met Beena, I had been really struggling to make things work for around a year and she quickly looked at my short/long term goals with trying to be in a better place mentally at the top of the goals ladder for me.

Within a short space of time, I began to see significant improvements in my ability to cope with things, and I never really looked back. From a business perspective, she is extremely switched on and knowledgeable whilst not being afraid to take risks. She is excellent at listening to problems and coming up with solutions.

I’d highly recommend anyone looking to self-development to get in touch with Beena.

Steven Barr

Director, Quest Tax Services

I have known Jordan personally for many years and have been very aware of how powerful he is as a networker. He has always established strong relationships, put people first and looked after everyone he knows. Recently I asked for him to assist in the sale of a business and worked with him professionally.

Despite the owners having a preference over a larger organisation who they had used in the past after a few meetings with Jordan and his team they soon gained a feel for his energy, drive and professionalism which in turn meant they selected them for the project.

We knew very quickly that we had made the right choice and they delivered as promised.

With a wealth of contacts and experience, I would recommend him for any business advisory project.

Gary McConnell

Director, Aleron

It has been a real pleasure to work with Jordan. He is a definitive growth champion, who you can rely on for independent thought combined with commercial, strategic and market insight and all validated through his significant external network. That, and a tenacious energy to get on with it!

John Wilson

Director, Energy Growth Momentum